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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lot Prep Complete

Greetings from Driftwood Point.

We have seen some real progress since my last post.

We now have permits---YAY!

We had to install a temporary driveway because the soil is sandy and materials could not be delivered.  The drive was built up with red clay and then overlayed with crushed concrete. This will also be used to build the driveway on later.

The area where the house will be has been built up about three feet in order to get into flood zone X.  This means that flood insurance will be less expensive.  If you look closely you will see the surveyor's tripod.  He is the one who determines the elevation of the lot.

 Materials for starting the foundation - re-bar and boards were delivered.

Digging for the foundation is underway.

Necessities like the Dumpster ...and...

Most important of all the Porto-potty are now setting on the site.

Thanks for stopping by.