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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Concrete Walls

Buiding a concrete house is interesting and different from building a typical frame house.  The first level ICF walls are 12 inches thick, are now in place and the concrete has been poured in them.   It took about 6 weeks to finish installing the blocks, bracing with a lot of steel braces and building wood frames around the window and door openings.

This is the inside of one of the ICF blocks.  The area in the center is where the concrete is poured.

The concrete trucks arrive.  It took quite about 10 truck loads for this project..

The mixer truck dumps the cement into a hopper and it is pumped up through the arm that they use to put the cement into the blocks.


A cement specialist makes sure that the mixture goes down into the block.  

They pour about 2 feet into the block and then they use a vibrator to vibrate it so that the cement settles into the blocks properly.  Then they move around the house doing this and back around with another 2 feet until the blocks are filled.

This is looking on the inside of the house and you can see al the metal bracing that they have to use to secure the blocks before pouring the concrete.

The next step is to remove all the metal bracing and then the framers will be in to install framing and the floor for the second level.  After the floor is in the ICF Block installers will be back to put the blocks in place for the second level.  They have to have the floor in place to stand on.  The second level should not take as long as the first because there aren't as many window and door openings.

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