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Sunday, December 15, 2013

ICF walls and First Floor Framing Are Complete

We have built a few houses but I always seem to forget how long it takes to build.  I do think it takes longer in Florida though;  we are on island time here.

There has  been a lot of progress since my last post though.    After the first floor walls were poured, the framers came in and framed the first floor, put the stairs in and the sub-floor for the second floor.

More framing

The ICF Blocks were placed for the second floor walls

The concrete trucks returned and poured the walls

You can barely see the concrete equipment here.

Bay view from second floor.

Dwight and our builder, Frank, checking out the view from upstairs.

View toward the street from the second floor.

The roof joists will go up next, and the upstairs framing will be done, then the roof will go on.  The windows are in and will also be installed.  While the contractors have been working on the house we have been meeting with cabinet makers.  We have selected one and the final design is in process.  We have to get the cabinet design completed so the electrician will know where to wire for lights and outlets.  We have also been trying to choose a front door.  While in Houston for Thanksgiving, we went to several lighting stores to look at light fixtures but made no progress there.  Our taste usually are pretty similar but light fixtures are a different story so we have to figure out this one.  

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.