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Monday, October 20, 2014

Construction Continues

I have always thought that the inside finish work progresses slowly and now I know that it is slow. The finish carpenters are still working on the inside woodwork and the painters are having to wait for them.  The cabinet maker is doing great work but they are not on schedule either and the Granite company is having to wait for them.  Both the finish carpenters and the cabinet company are getting close to finishing so we should see more progress soon.

The pelicans continue to keep a watch on things.

On the outside the balustrades are almost finished and they are starting to install the columns.

This is the base for the columns.

The outdoor fireplace is almost done.  We need a cover for the fireplace and TV above it.  We also still have to find a mantel.  The tile is slate.

This is the wall behind the outdoor kitchen.  The cabinets will be Cyprus with a granite counter-top.

This is the upstairs balcony.  The Travertine tile is the same on the front porch.

Moving to the inside, the tile is done in the master shower.  This tile is marble.  You cannot see it very well but the floor of the shower is the same as the trim.

Our bathroom cabinets are partially installed.

This is on the other side of the bathroom and is where the tub will go.  The floor tile is covered so I cannot show you that.  It is the same marble as the shower with 4 tiles together and a 2 inch black diamond shape at the corners.

The cabinets are partially installed in the kitchen


 The walnut floor before finishing.

These floors are now finished but the builder covered them with the blue covering before I got a picture.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tile, Wood Trim and Paint Colors

The tile craftsmen have been busy as bees and have made a lot of progress.  Unfortunately my photography skills need help and the lighting was not great so the colors are not perfect in these pictures.

Great Room Travertine floor.  
The craft room, laundry room and pool bath are the same.

Pool bath shower wall.  This is vein cut travertine and is actually the same stone as the floor, just a different cut and it is polished but the floor is honed.

One of the upstairs bathroom shower wall.

The upstairs bathroom (that has a tub) floor.

The bath wall 

The other bathroom upstairs and the master bath isn't done.

The carpenter built this to use building the trim for the arches.

The interior doors.  
The blue that you see on the floor is a thick plastic covering that our builder uses to protect the finished floors.

This is one of the arches that the carpenter built the thingamajig for.

The cabinet maker left this crown sample for us to choose for the top of the cabinets.  We chose the one on the left for the kitchen and butler's pantry.  The center one is going in the study and the upstairs bar area.  We are not using the one on the right.  The wood that you can partially see in the background is a pilaster that is going to trim some cabinets.

There is still a lot of woodwork to be completed.

This guy is really good at his craft.  He is using a garage for his cutting area.

Below are some of the paint colors that we are considering.  The one on the left of each sample is for walls and the right one is ceiling.  Choosing paint colors has been one of the most difficult decisions that we have had to make.  

An upstairs bedroom

Powder bath

Study, upstairs trophy room and laundry room

Upstairs bedroom

This is more of a green than you see in the picture.  I am using it in the craft room and pool bath.

Master bedroom and bath

All the downstairs open areas including great room, entry, dining room and hallways.  The upstairs open area, rec room and hallways

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Pretty Stuff is Being Installed

It is nice to see some of the things we have selected being installed in the house.  So far, we are happy with our selections.  All of the drywall is up finished and a primer coat of paint on it  The wood trim was ordered with a primer.

The front door is Honduran  Mahogany and is finished natural.  

This iron goes over the glass on the front door.

Garage Doors

Crown Molding

Ceiling in part of foyer.  This is also upstairs over the wet bar area.

Stacks of travertine.

The tile layer started in the great room.  This picture is a little darker than the actual tile.  It is being aid on the diagonal but that is hard to tell in this photo.

Marble for master bath counter top.

Taj Mahal Quartzite for kitchen, butler's pantry and upstairs bar.  Close up view

 Taj Mahal Quartzite

River Bordeaux Granite for outdoor kitchen counter tops.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Now I Can See the Actual Room Sizes

Our builder was happy when the Walton County Inspector did his structural inspection at the house and everything was fine.  Building codes in Walton County Florida are pretty strict so this was a big step.   So far inside, all the rough ins are done and the foam insulation has been sprayed on the inside of the roof and around all windows and doors.  All inside walls have insulation in them so this house should be quiet.  I guess the builder thought the two of us would be loud.  

The Sheetrock  has been hung, finished, sanded, and primer coat of paint applied.  The next steps will be the wood trim and the bathroom tile.  

Looking from great room toward kitchen

Another view with the breakfast area on the left.  The arched door on the left goes into the butlers pantry and then into the dining room

Breakfast room looking from kitchen

From kitchen looking toward great room.  The doors on the right open all the way back

Outdoor fireplace  with niche for TV above

The outside tongue and groove ceilings are complete

The back wall is where the outdoor kitchen will be

We added a little detail above thee windows on the front of the house.

Ya'll have a great holiday weekend.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Stucco and Roof

The roof tiles were moved to the roof and stacked so they would be in place for the roofer.  It took a crane to move the tiles to the roof because of weight.

While the roof was being installed the Stucco crew started.  The first thing that they did was apply a metal wire base.  The wire is very similar to chicken coop wire.  Then the next step is to apply a base coat of the cement mixture called scratch coat.  After this cures for a few days the second layer, brown coat is applied and again a few days wait for curing.  In the photo above you can see the workers applying the brown coat.  The lighter gray on the second floor is still the scratch coat.

The banding is the next step.  That is the white trim in the pictures above.

The final step in the stucco process is to apply the color coat.  This is the final color.  It is a light beige with off white trim.   We are really happy with the way the color turned out but Dwight was pretty unhappy when we first saw it on the house.  We drove up and he said, "I wanted it to be lighter than this".  I could tell that he was less than pleased and  I am thinking if it was lighter it would be white.  I told him that it looked just like the sample that we approved and I thought it was light enough but he didn't agree.  He mentioned the color several times while we were there.  As we returned to the car and he removed his amber colored sun glasses and remarked OH THE COLOR IS PERFECT.  Neither of us thought about the sun glasses when he was complaining but I was sure happy that he pulled them off before we left.  

The stucco is almost complete.

Meanwhile, the rough-in wiring, plumbing, HVAC, and home automation are done.

Drywall, 800 sheets, is stacked everywhere.