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Monday, October 20, 2014

Construction Continues

I have always thought that the inside finish work progresses slowly and now I know that it is slow. The finish carpenters are still working on the inside woodwork and the painters are having to wait for them.  The cabinet maker is doing great work but they are not on schedule either and the Granite company is having to wait for them.  Both the finish carpenters and the cabinet company are getting close to finishing so we should see more progress soon.

The pelicans continue to keep a watch on things.

On the outside the balustrades are almost finished and they are starting to install the columns.

This is the base for the columns.

The outdoor fireplace is almost done.  We need a cover for the fireplace and TV above it.  We also still have to find a mantel.  The tile is slate.

This is the wall behind the outdoor kitchen.  The cabinets will be Cyprus with a granite counter-top.

This is the upstairs balcony.  The Travertine tile is the same on the front porch.

Moving to the inside, the tile is done in the master shower.  This tile is marble.  You cannot see it very well but the floor of the shower is the same as the trim.

Our bathroom cabinets are partially installed.

This is on the other side of the bathroom and is where the tub will go.  The floor tile is covered so I cannot show you that.  It is the same marble as the shower with 4 tiles together and a 2 inch black diamond shape at the corners.

The cabinets are partially installed in the kitchen


 The walnut floor before finishing.

These floors are now finished but the builder covered them with the blue covering before I got a picture.

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