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Friday, September 13, 2013

Progress Between The Rains

Rain, rain go away and come again another day!

According to Frank, our builder, it rained for 58 days (about 40 inches) after we started clearing the lot for building so this made progress really slow because it was too wet to do much and even when you could the dirt yard would be closed because it was too wet to haul sand and we need a lot of fill sand.  In between the rains they did manage to get enough sand.

They leveled it and then dug the trench for the footings

The concrete trucks arrived and poured the footings.

 Then the block layers arrived and laid the blocks for the foundation

Then hauled in more sand to fill in the blocks and then it was leveled again.

 The plumbers and electricians installed the pipes and wire that need to be in the floor and then the rebar was laid before the concrete trucks returned with more loads of concrete.

There are 2 miles of rebar in this foundation.  One thing that surprised me is they ran sprinklers on the concrete over night to keep it wet for the curing process.  This is supposed to minimize the cracking.

In the mean time the pool company dug the hole for the pool and it promptly filled up with rain water.

The pumps came in handy to empty it so that the pool company could set the forms for the pool.

There has been progress every day since the rains stopped.

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