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Friday, May 2, 2014

Stucco and Roof

The roof tiles were moved to the roof and stacked so they would be in place for the roofer.  It took a crane to move the tiles to the roof because of weight.

While the roof was being installed the Stucco crew started.  The first thing that they did was apply a metal wire base.  The wire is very similar to chicken coop wire.  Then the next step is to apply a base coat of the cement mixture called scratch coat.  After this cures for a few days the second layer, brown coat is applied and again a few days wait for curing.  In the photo above you can see the workers applying the brown coat.  The lighter gray on the second floor is still the scratch coat.

The banding is the next step.  That is the white trim in the pictures above.

The final step in the stucco process is to apply the color coat.  This is the final color.  It is a light beige with off white trim.   We are really happy with the way the color turned out but Dwight was pretty unhappy when we first saw it on the house.  We drove up and he said, "I wanted it to be lighter than this".  I could tell that he was less than pleased and  I am thinking if it was lighter it would be white.  I told him that it looked just like the sample that we approved and I thought it was light enough but he didn't agree.  He mentioned the color several times while we were there.  As we returned to the car and he removed his amber colored sun glasses and remarked OH THE COLOR IS PERFECT.  Neither of us thought about the sun glasses when he was complaining but I was sure happy that he pulled them off before we left.  

The stucco is almost complete.

Meanwhile, the rough-in wiring, plumbing, HVAC, and home automation are done.

Drywall, 800 sheets, is stacked everywhere.  

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