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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ready for the Roof Tiles

When we were in the initial planning stages with Eric Craig of B Designs of Destin we made the decision to use tiles for the roof so at least that decision was made early.  There are lots of choices when selecting color and type of tile though.  We narrowed it down to concrete tiles with a high barrel profile but the color was another issue.  How in the world do you decide?  The roofer prefers Boral so we selected a number from the website and the builder ordered samples.  This is what we had to choose from:

This is the one that we choose.  

The owner of the roofing company then showed us a few homes that had this roof so we are comfortable with our choice.

The tile has now been delivered .  
This is about half of the pallets that are now setting by the house waiting to be put on the roof.

The roof is almost ready for the tiles.  There is a waterproofing membrane on the roof over the plywood and then they nail the strips onto the roof for attaching the tiles.  The roofers started transferring the tiles to the roof but will not start attaching them until the plumbers and others who have to put vents through the roof are done.  This way they do not have to cut through the tiles.  They should start soon though because the plumbers and Heating and Air Conditioning companies are there now.

And our neighbors are keeping watch over the house.

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