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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Craftroom and Study

We are getting closer to completion of our new home so I thought I would show you a few different pictures of my craft room.  I am looking forward to having a place for all the crafty supplies.  I do have a lot of cabinets and two walk-in closets with pantry type shelves.  the light fixtures that you can see on the wall are LED task lights.  The walls are painted Sherwin Williams Seasalt and the ceiling is 12 feet high and painted with a 50% formula of Seasalt.  The counter tops are Solstice granite.  The floors are Travertine installed on the diagonal with a zero grout line.

This cabinet now actually has drawer fronts and pulls.  I just didn't have a current picture.

The door knobs in my craft room are different from the others in the house.

The study/office has bookshelves to the ceiling and it now has a ladder and rail for moving it around the room and reaching high shelves.

Dwight has a better view from the study than I do from the craft room.  He has french doors and a large window looking out onto the bay.  I wanted my craftroom near the kitchen so no great view.  I can multitask though.


  1. WOW!! Both rooms look fabulous and I bet you both are so excited!! Thanks for sharing and hope you will post more photos once you are settled in :-)

  2. Love your cabinets! Love how you have two levels of cabinets in your craft room. That's what I had in my old one and trying to figure out how to do in my new room without going custom.

    I assume that one cabinet is just full I'd drawers that slide out? Nice space. Can tell lots of thought went in to it.

  3. Wow, You are lucky!