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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Outside and Landscaping

We have moved into our new home but are still decorating.  The outside is complete and I have lots of pictures to show you.  Most of the photos were taken by our friend from Houston, Roy Kerstiens, Thanks Roy.  I wish I had the eye for photography and half the knowledge that he has.  I had a hard time choosing which pictures to show you so there a lot of them on this post.

You can go to This page to see what the property looked like before we started building.

View from the street looking toward the house.

The next few pictures are as you enter the gate and drive down the driveway.  The front of the house is about 400 feet from the street.

From the front balcony looking toward the street.

Family room looking toward the Choctawhatchee Bay

The next few were taken from the Bay looking toward the house.

Back Yard 

Pool taken from the back balcony

Our daytime view

And we get to enjoy sunsets 

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